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いよいよ3月16日は、ALL HALLOWS’ SCHOOLでの最終日でした。


ホストファミリーと②①大塚 もねさん




②田島 理沙さんP1020775

G’day I’m Lisa! Today is the last day in my trip to Australia.  I’d like to tell you how I feel about this trip.  Before I came here, I was thinking about what my host family would be like and I was so nervous, but when I first met my family, all my worries disappeared.

They were so kind that they always helped me when I was in trouble and they took me to many places and gave me lots of surprises. Thank you for giving me the greatest time ever. Now, I feel like we are a real family.  And also, I’d like to say thank you to Ms Wiseman, Ms O’nell and Ms Vardy.   I really enjoyed their Japanese classes and English lessons.

It was a very short period to stay Australia but we learned much about Australia, talked with them a lot and enjoyed homestaying.  Someday, I will surely be  back to meet them again.  I can’t wait to meet them again.  It was a lovely meeting with them.  Thank you so much.